Message of Unity

The word message itself conveys a different meaning from that of an intellectual philosophy. There are two ideas prevailing in the world: one that man has evolved through years and centuries, and the other that, as Solomon said, there is nothing new under the sun. Divine truth has always been and always will be the same. No one can improve upon it and nobody can give a new message. The divine tongue at times has spoken loudly, and at times in a whisper.

The consciousness of the divine spirit made Christ say, “I am alpha and omega.” Those who limit Christ to the historic period of the life of the prophet of Nazareth surely limit the message, in spite of his open declaration that he is the first and the last. Christ also said, “I have not come to give a new law, but I have come to fulfill the law,” which means that no new religion has ever been given, although the world has taken it so.

Not one of the masters came with the thought of forming an exclusive community or of giving a certain religion. They came with the same message from one and the same God. Whether the message was in Sanskrit, Zend, or Arabic, it had one and the same meaning. The difference between religions is external; the inner meaning of all is one. If only man had understood this, the world would have avoided many wars, for war has mostly been caused by religion. Religion was given to the world to establish peace and harmony. What a pity that from the same source should come war and disaster!

The Mystic message is a reminder to humanity — not to any one nation, but to all; not to one, but to every creed — of the truth taught by all the great teachers of humanity. God, truth, and religion are one; duality is only a delusion of human nature. Think then what a great service lies before this message. At this time nation is against nation, race against race; the followers of one religion are constantly working against the followers of another religion; class works against class. Competition, hate, and prejudice prevail everywhere. What will be the outcome? What can poison produce? Not nectar, only poison.

The message is not for one nation, race, or community; it is for the whole of humanity. Its one and only object is to bring about a better understanding between the divided sections of humanity by awakening consciousness to the fact that humanity is one family. If one person in the family be ill or unhappy, certainly he must cause unhappiness to the whole family. Even this is not the most appropriate simile. Humanity is one body, the whole of life being one in its source and in its goal and in its beginning and its end. No scientist can deny this! If part of the body is in pain, sooner or later the whole body is affected. If your finger aches, your body is not free from pain.

No nation, race, or section can be considered a separate part of humanity. Today education, politics, and all directions in life seem to work from an individualistic view, but where must such a tendency end and where will it lead humanity? If each says, “I must get the better of another,” where will be the harmony and peace for which all are longing, no matter what race or religion they belong to?

This condition has been brought about by long-continued materialism and commercialism, which have taught every soul the spirit of competition and rivalry. The whole life of each is absorbed in guarding his own interests and trying to take the best in life for himself. Life is one continual fight, and only one thing can ease this fight: consideration for others, reciprocity, and give and take of good, instead of selfishness.

The world’s progress, with selfishness as the central theme, will never lead to the soul’s desire and aim; it will culminate in destruction. Just as at one time there was a call from everywhere to guard self-interest, now the moment has come for the message to be given for men to understand and consider one another. The happiness and peace of each individual depends on the happiness and peace of all.

The Mystic Path is constituted of those who have the same ideals of service to God and humanity, who wish to devote part or the whole of their life to the service of humanity, in the path of truth. This order exists throughout the world, in most of the European countries and in America. This order has groups, the members of which belong to all the different religions. All are welcome: Christians, Buddhists, Parsis, Hindus or Muslims. No one’s faith or belief is questioned; each can follow his own church, religion, or creed. No one must believe in any special creed or dogma; freedom of thought is given. At the same time personal guidance is given on the path, in the problems of life, and in the inner life.

Those who belong to the esoteric school of this path are given, besides personal guidance, the studies which are entrusted only to those who are fitted to receive them. There are subtleties of ideas — spiritual, moral, or philosophical — which cannot be given to everyone at first, but can be given gradually to those who are serious enough to walk in the path of truth. Every seeker after truth must remember one thing, that the first step in the path of truth is to become true to oneself.