The Sufi (Mystic) Message has as its main mission to consider the problems of the day and then to direct our activity to do what is necessary in order to bring about better conditions, in which is the fulfillment of our mission.


The life in the world can be divided into five different aspects: spiritual progress, moral progress, social progress, mental progress, and physical progress .


Therefore we have to consider the five aspects of life in order to understand the problem of the day clearly. During the periods of the ancient civilizations, progress has been made in one direction; and, lacking in other directions progress fell down by the lack of balance. But as humanity has evolved, so human progress has been all-around. No doubt, in recent times the world has again lost its balance by being too much engrossed in materialism and by becoming too much absorbed in commercialism, and the consequence of this has been the world unrest, which is still existing after what is called peace. ~HIK, 1922


Sri Daya Mata also talked about this same idea when asked about the nature of the world crisis. She stated, “During the downward part of the cycle (referring to world cycles, or yugas in which civilizations rise and fall) people in general become increasingly ignorant of the spiritual side of their nature, until all that is noble disappears. Then the fall of that civilization is not far behind. This same process can happen to nations in the ascending phase of the cycle as well. If man’s moral and spiritual evolution does not keep pace with the upward progress of knowledge and technology, he misuses the power he has acquired, to his own destruction. Indeed, this is the nature of the world crisis we are facing today.”


Our main mission, as a school and yoga studio, is to consider the problems of the day. And to do what is necessary to bring about better conditions.


In your own contemplations, what do you see as the problems around you?


Personally, we are concerned about the attacks on truth, on reasoning and accuracy. When any statement can be made, and repeated often, until people believe without analyzing what is said and who is saying it, then skeptical doubt destabilizes our ability to listen to each other, and to speak. Black and white thinking replaces understanding, and it is called faith.


What do you see as the problem of the day?


  1. Yan Weng

    It is very true that when we lose our balance, we lost the chance to be at peace and to be in harmony. The nature of life in this world is the waves of cycles with its ups and downs, when there is extreme then the pendulum is going back to the other side. I feel the problem of today is that we lose faith, we lost sight of our ideal, we do not have the patience and just want instant gratification. Do we have to check our cell phones 15x/day or even more for instance? Are we losing touch with others because we have our egos on our way? We lost in the grinds and demands of life, that we are missing the big picture? That we are missing the purpose in life? It is because our need to know things instantly? Only when we keep the keen sight of focusing on the ideal before us, have the patience, understanding, tolerance and faith that we can achieve more, to better our conditions.

  2. Thomas Saluto

    Well, I am going to re phrase this… There are no problems… Merrily created circumstances . It is ones interpretation based on the model of reality that they hold which deems a situation a problem or an effect of a cause…

    Everything is happening perfectly ! As Ram Dass said, everything is happening very lawfully… LAWFULLY… Get it?

    The news is more like a public survey of the contrived events that are implemented – as well as a tool of distraction for the masses… Materialism keeps people busy and in debt and enables corporations to continue with there long-range plans… Government and Corporate power work together in steering global events… Hint, Trump’s major tax brake given to the 1 present is a pre curser to what is to come in the future… The one percent are entitled to that tax brake do to their funding of what will be coming down the pike….

    Now for those of us who want to live a life of inner peace and connection to a higher vibration…? Ok, there is nothing really stopping us to do so – except for all the personal story and ego concepts which keeps us stuck in personal ignorance and delusion… Speaking for myself specifically… My work is cut out for me… However, for those whom want to pursue what gives them joy and a sense of purpose – go do it… The resources and relationships are waiting to meet the energy which is in accord to this intention….


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